BlackBerry evolution: decommission of services

From January 4, 2022, BlackBerry devices that still use BlackBerry offers and services will no longer function reliably due to the permanent termination of the services offers and related infrastructure.

BlackBerry: software company

Today BlackBerry is focused on providing intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments around the world.

What happens now

From January 4, 2022, the BlackBerry supplier will close its provisioning platform for services/devices with operating system 7.1 OS and previous versions, as well as for those with operating system 10. From that date, therefore, BlackBerry will no longer guarantee the regular operation of these services / equipment for making calls, sending sms, and surfing the Internet, while the possibility of receiving and sending e-mails will be inhibited. TIM customers will be able to insert the TIM SIM in another device and continue to take advantages of their active offers (voice and data traffic), with the exception of the BlackBerry mailing service, keeping their phone number. If you want to buy a new smartphone to replace BlackBerry, you can contact your sales representative to find out the new TIM offers.

For further information, you can visit BlackBerry website and its FAQs.