TIM Mobile Network Evolution: Switching Off the 3G network

Last update: 19.10.2022

On October 15, 2022, TIM completed the shutdown of the 3G mobile network in accordance with the instructions provided by the Communications Authority

How the TIM network changes


The closure of the 3G network allows TIM to concentrate investments on the most energy efficient technologies and the best performing in terms of quality of services offered to its customers.

4G and 5G networks, enhanced with continuous investments in technological innovation, offer TIM customers an increasingly engaging and immersive user experience, also in the use of innovative digital services for the business of professionals and companies, as well as for the activities of public administrations.

The 5G (Italian version) service is being implemented and is available in some areas of the cities reached and on enabled devices.


What changes for TIM customers


Customers still in possession of 3G technology devices (for example smartphones, tablets, routers, keys, alarm / home automation systems, etc.) can continue to make calls and send SMS, using the 2G network, but encountering slowdowns in Internet browsing.

4G technology devices not enabled for voice service on the 4G network use the 2G network to make calls and send text messages and surf the Internet with the 4G network, but the ability to surf while making a voice call is not guaranteed.

The customer can check the compatibility of their terminal with the VoLTE service (voice on 4G or 5G network) by making a call and checking that the technology icon continues to show the 4G or 5G symbol.
To check the VoLTE settings of the device, you can consult the configuration guides.

For devices prior to 2020, the presence or absence of VoLTE is indicated by a specific icon at the top right of the display. In the absence of the icon, the customer must make sure that VoLTE is correctly enabled in the settings menu of his terminal.
For all other devices connected to TIM's mobile network (2G, 4G that support voice on the 4G, 5G network), continuity of service is guaranteed without any changes.

The offers and active options, on the SIMs inserted in 3G or 4G devices that do not support the Voice service on the 4G network, continue to be usable by customers without any change in economic conditions or changes in the telephone number.

All customers in possession of a TIM Card (SIM) with a capacity of less than 128k continue to make calls and send SMS using the 2G network, however experiencing slowdowns in Internet browsing. These customers may request the replacement and free delivery of the SIM, keeping their telephone number, by contacting Customer Service 191 or, for medium and large companies, the usual contact of TIM or Customer Service 800.191.101.

To make the most of the quality of the TIM network, we recommend that all customers in possession of obsolete devices consider replacing them with equipment compatible with the new mobile network technologies.

Customers who intend to purchase a new device to replace those not compatible with the new mobile network technologies, can discover the offers available by clicking here.

For further information, it is possible to contact Customer Service 191. o free of charge, for medium and large companies, the usual TIM contact or Customer Service 800.191.101.